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The place where I plan to document my entire Disney college program experience :) enjoy!

Hey there everyone! And by everyone I mean whoever stumbles upon this blog for whatever reason. I hope you are all well and enjoying these last few weeks of the spring semester, haha probably not though lol. Anyone now to my reason for writing today which is some amazingly amazing news! One of my roommates (who also writes a blog which I will link to a bit later) got accepted as a character performer for Disney which is a huge deal! I am so super excited for her and I know she will be amazing. Once we finally arrive and she gets going as a character I will have to go wait in line for a picture and autograph haha. Congrats Katelyn so happy for you and can’t wait to move in :P.

Here is the link to Katelyn’s Blog 

She has written some really helpful things about the applying for the College Program and the steps there after so you should go check out her blog! 

Remember guys Just Keep Swimming :)

So today I was walking with a girl from my ASL 4 Class and we were discussing tumblr and how I am very new and still very confused. She asked for my name so she could follow me and I said,” Be warned I will be blogging about my Disney college program experience.” Then she was like,”I am doing the college program!” What happened next we both squealed and jumped and hugged and it was amazing! It was amazing I can’t believe we will both be there this Fall representing Lamar! I am so excited for this and even more so now :))))

Theme for today? 

It’s a small world after all! Because it truly is!


Student: Life in the 19th century was hard..
Professor: Yeah the 19th Century wasn't for sissies!

So last night at about 11:50 I lost all faith in my College and its administrative abilities.I stayed up and over at my friends dorm to register for the classes I need to take while I will be in the DCP. But according to my account I had a brand new hold that just magically fixed itself to my account for a bounced/ returned check. The funny/stupid thing about this hold is that it should have been removed when I repaid my school the rest of my tuition plus the returned check fee…. Never once did I receive a notification that I had a hold on my account for this or did it appear until last night. So in a few minutes here I have to call the cashiers office and tell them to make it right so I can register for classes which i just checked are not full yet. THANK GOD! I am so ready to be in Florida and away from this school that does things like this to me at least 1x a semester… Rant over (if you can call this a rant)


Waiting for applications to open


Telephone Interview

Waiting for… Something


Being Accepted

Paying Program Fees

Choosing an Arrival Date

Realizing how long you actually have to wait before you leave


Waiting Again

I agree with this 110% and Lilo girl I am there right now :P

Too fricken excited but so ready for this next phase of life! More to post soon.

Remember to keep swimming :)

Winnie the Pooh the creator of fat girl Friday ;) (even though he is a boy)

This is a list of all the things I hope to get to do/ experience while I am in Florida this fall J

1. After I turn 21 “drink around the world” in EPCOT

2. Do all 4 theme parks in one day (must ride 2 rides at each park)

3. Dole whip!

4. Meet all of the princesses and get pictures/autographs

5. EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

6. Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party

7. Go to at least one of the water parks

8. Go to Night of Stars

9. Very Merry Christmas Party

10. Do a Behind the scene tour

11. Ride the Paddle boat in MK

12. Go to see Rapunzel’s Tower and find all the Pascals

13. Find as many Hidden Mickey’s as possible

14. Buy something unique to each park

15. Candle Light Processional

Hello everyone this is just an introductory post to tell y’all a little bit about me. First of all, I am not a writer, nor to a claim to be any good at writing, but I like to tell stories and I want to have a place to record my experience while in my Disney College Program.

So with that being said Hello! My name is Terri! I am an American Sign Language Major! I have been to Disney World probably 15 or 16 times since I have been born (I know spoiled lol). Since my very first visit to Magic Kingdom I have always wanted to work for the mouse, everyone in my family can/will tell you that. So in high school I discovered the College Program (CP) and from then on I have been doing my darndest to get in! My first spring(’13) semester I applied and made it all the way from the application to the Phone Interview (where I completely chocked because I didn’t prep at all) and then I promptly pended till the last day when I got No Longer In Consideration’ed (NLICed). I was depressed but I understood why they didn’t pick me I was just some punk kid who thought they could wing the interview NOPE!

Now let’s fast forward to this spring semester (‘14), on a whim I thought I would apply again. Then not even half of an hour later I got one of the magical e-mails that said “You appear to be a strong candidate please do our Web Based Interview (WBI)” so I did. After I had finished the WBI I received another magical email that said “You are a very strong candidate please sign up for a phone interview time slot” and I did. But this time I knew better than to wing it. This time I searched the entire planet for possible questions they could ask, tips from alumni, and just anything that would help! So from the time I made my phone interview appointment to the actual time for it was 5 days! THAT’S 5 DAYS TO CRAM KNOWLEDGE INTO MY BRAIN AND HAVE IT MAKE SENCE WHEN I SAID IT! I went into overdrive and I pestered every one of my family members plus my boyfriend for help on what is the biggest most important interview of my life (thus far loll). I drove them nuts! The day of my interview arrived and I was up at 6a.m. with the worst stomach pain of my life but I pushed it away and carried on because my Phone Interview was at 6:30 that night. I got up put my game face on and hung out with my Nana and Mother (and my stomach still hurt but I felt okay) until around 4:30 then all heck broke loose.

At 5 pm, I turned on my Disney Pandora and was thinking my happy thoughts until the pain hit. Like double you over pain like an alien about to explode out of your chest pain. And I don’t know if I am the only one but when my tummy hurts like that I sweat A LOT! So I am running between the bathroom and my phone which I had been guarding with my life and the minutes till my Interview keep ticking down. By this point in my story let me say I was home alone but I think people in the next county could hear me moaning. Any who. It is now 6:15 and my phone starts to ring and all I can think is “Lord grant me the strength to get through this with a smile on face and all the enthusiasm that I have for this company, and if after you wish to taketh me home then I shall allow it”, because this time my interview is personal I am not just some punk kid anymore (lol). Like I said the phone rings, I said my little prayer, and then I answered it. I took a deep breath and what said hello to my interviewer was that little girl who knew she wanted to one day work for Mickey. The interview lasted for like 28 minutes which to me was a good sign but the fact that my whole personality came through and none of my extreme internal pain did to this day is a miracle because 2 ½ days later I received the most magical email of all. The subject said Congratulations! And it was from them the Disney Company! I would be lying if I said I didn’t run through my Boyfriend’s house screaming and crying! This is just my tail of the beginning I can’t wait to see what comes next :)

If you ever get in this kind of situation don’t forget to Breath and Just Keep Swimming.

Thanks for reading there is more to come soon <3 Terri